Individual & Group Scolio®-Pilates Sessions


Book private or group sessions with our experienced spinal health specialists.
Fitness plans centered around reducing back pain, improving your posture, and restoring your healthy spine.

Session Packages

  • Group Pilates: Grab a friend or two and make your own group pilates reform class.
    $40/ Person with 5 Session Commitment
  • Private Pilates: One-on-one Personal Care
    $65.00, $600 for 10 Session Package
  • Alexander Technique Lesson: Posture Habit Correction
    $85.00, $500 for 6 Lessons
  • Private Scolio-Pilates: Pain-free Pilates for Scoliosis
    $75.00, $700 for 10 Sessions
  • Private Fusion Sessions: Combines the Best of Pilates and Alexander Technique
    $90, $510 for 6 Sessions

Pilates and Spinal Therapy Techniques

Anatomywise combines several movement techniques into customized fusion sessions for each client based on individual needs. We teach these techniques to clients with Scoliosis or other back-related disorders to rehabilitate & strengthen muscles and learn to avoid future injuries or pain.